Public Benefit Organisation

The Institute is registered as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) by the Dutch tax authorities, known in Dutch as ANBI-status. This classification is only given when at least 90% of the organisation's efforts are focused on the general good. For more information about Public Benefit Organisation, please visit the Dutch tax authorities site.

The Institute’s RSIN number by which it is known at the tax office is 854344172. The PBO/ANBI status can be verified by searching for the Institute in the database of the Dutch tax authorities.


Board of Trustees

Members of the Board of Trustees do not receive any financial compensation of their time as board members. Expenses directly relating to their position as board members of the Institute are paid for by the Institute.

Executive Board

Members of the Executive Board receive a salary for their time as employees of the Institute. This salary is set and monitored by the Board of Trustees. The Executive Board does not receive any bonuses or similar salary components.

Further information about the salary of the Executive Board may be found in the Institute's year report. Please note that as the Institute only became fully operational on January 1st 2015, no staff were employed prior to this date.


Employees receive a salary which is based on their expertise, relevant education and prior work experience. No employee receives any bonuses or similar salary components.

For more information about remuneration, please contact one of the Institute's co-Directors.