Board of trustees

The Institute is governed by an International Board of Trustees, currently comprising seven members:

Stefanie Grant (Chair)

A lawyer with human rights, refugee, migration and statelessness expertise. She has headed the research divisions of both Amnesty International and the OHCHR. Read more about Stefanie

Rachel Brett

A human rights lawyer who was the human rights representative at the Quaker UN office from 1983 to 2015. Read more about Rachel

Prof. Joshua Castellino

Professor of Law and Dean of the School of Law at Middlesex University. He specialises in issues relating to minority and indigenous peoples' rights. Read more about Joshua

Prof. Nicola Jägers

Professor of international human rights law at Tilburg University and is Commissioner at the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights. Read more about Nicola

Prof. Linda Kerber

A legal historian at the University of Iowa. She has written extensively on the history of citizenship, gender and authority. Read more about Linda

Dick Oosting

former CEO of the European Council on Foreign Relations. Additionally he previously coordinated Amnesty International's first worldwide campain against torture and served, amongst others, as Amnesty's Deputy Secretary General. Read more about Dick

Joop van Waas

Formerly financial director for KPN for 25 years, he now runs a management consultancy concentrating on providing strategic advice to small and medium-sized companies and non-profit organisations. Read more about Joop

Photo taken of the Board of Trustees at a meeting in The Hague, in 2017. From left to right: Joop, Linda, Rachel, Stefanie, Nicola and Dick (Joshua is absent).