Mission and Values

Our Mission is to be

    An Expert source of impartial, trusted and interdisciplinary research, analysis, information and education on statelessness and disenfranchisement around the world;

    A Partner who builds connections across disciplines between people concerned about and/or affected by statelessness and disenfranchisement;

    A Catalyst for challenging perceptions on statelessness, strengthening human rights protection and forging inclusion and participation.

Our values

The Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion was established with a belief in certain values and principles that we hope will guide both what we do and how we do it. As an organisation we respect and affirm human rights, celebrate diversity, promote inclusion, encourage participation and are motivated by a concern for the common good. These values guide how we work, for we will never be able to truly achieve in the outside world that which we fail to promote, respect and protect in our internal operations. This statement further elaborates how these values and principles are integrated in our organisation.

How we operate

The Instituteís family includes our staff, volunteers and interns, board of trustees, advisory council, fellows and contractors; who individually and collectively possess extensive expertise and experience on a wide range of issues. We intend to foster a democratic and inclusive working culture that values, encourages and benefits from the contributions of all, and promotes collective decision making, action and responsibility. We will be financially responsible, transparent and accountable. We will engage in self-scrutiny.

How we approach our work

We believe in the expertise, creativity and dedication of each other. We are curious, inquisitive and inspired by that which we donít yet know. We see difficult problems as challenges and opportunities for progress and growth. We try to find the connections between seemingly disconnected issues and disciplines. Wherever possible, our approach to our work is informed by consultation with stateless and disenfranchised persons, to ensure we do no harm, are steered by their wants and needs and become a meaningful partner to them in their struggle for inclusion and justice.

How we intend to develop

Our greatest resource is our people, and we aim to develop ourselves as much as possible in our journey towards excellence in all that we do; be it research, partnerships, educating, awareness raising or advocacy. We hope to challenge and learn from each other, and also to benefit from outside expertise and capitalise on opportunities to broaden our horizons and strengthen our skills.

How we work with others

Working in partnership with other individuals, organisations and beneficiaries is central to our strategy. We seek to work with partners from many different fields, to learn from one another, to educate and share our expertise, to inspire and be inspired and to serve as a catalyst for change. In working in partnership, we will promote relationships based on trust, humility, support, dialogue and constructive feedback.

How we communicate

Communication is crucial to our work, be it on internal matters, with the stateless and disenfranchised, donors, partners, beneficiaries or the general public. We hope to communicate on all matters and with all parties in a truthful, respectful, transparent and responsible manner. We intend to listen, at least as much as we speak.

Our work-life balance

We are all committed to the issues that the Institute has been established to address. Thus, working for the Institute is more than a job. It is also a passion and a vocation that we are dedicated to. It is more than a job, but there is still more to life. We will encourage ourselves to strike the right work-life balance; to work our hardest and best, but equally importantly, to find enough time for family, friends, relaxation, other interests and passions, and to better ourselves.