A Partner who builds connections across disciplines between people concerned about and/or affected by statelessness and disenfranchisement.

Partnership building is central to the mission of the Institute. The importance we place in building and maintaining strong partnerships throughout our work, is reflected in the emphasis placed on this in our mission, values and strategies and objectives.

We see partnership as a mutually beneficial, non-hierarchical relationship. In 2015, we engaged in an extensive consultation and strategic planning process, during which we reached out to key potential partners in different regions of the world, seeking their input and identifying opportunities for collaboration. In implementing our strategic plan, we collaborate closely with national, regional and international partners, including for instance in making submissions to UN human rights mechanisms or conducting international advocacy as part of our human rights engagement work.

We hope through our role as a partner to others working on statelessness and disenfranchisement that we will be able to serve as a bridge between academia and civil society. We also hope we will be able to encourage multi-disciplinary engagement on the issue, and create more partnerships with artists and the arts.

The Institute has an affiliation with Tilburg University, the Netherlands. We aim to build partnerships and affiliations with other academic institutes around the world that have an interest and/or expertise on issues of statelessness and disenfranchisement.

The Institute is a member of the Advisory Committee of the European Network on Statelessness (ENS) and is currently providing expertise and guidance to ENS on its campaign to end childhood statelessness in Europe and its work on statelessness and detention. The Institute is also a Steering Committee member of the Global Campaign for Equal Nationality Rights. We collaborate closely with Open Society Justice Initiative and UNHCR in the delivery of our global and regional statelessness courses. We also have a strong partnership with the Norwegian Refugee Council, with whom we are working in particular on the nexus between statelessness and forced displacement.

We are grateful to have received support from the following organisations for our work in 2015-2016: Sigrid Rausing Trust, Oak Foundation, Open Society Justice Initiative, HaŽlla Foundation and Janivo Foundation.